User management

With this function, you can configure the access of VOGSY for your Google Workspace domain users.

There are two available options:

  • Automatically grand access to all Google Workspace domain users

    When this option is activated, each Google Workspace domain user can access VOGSY. When the user browses to for the first time, an employee is automatically created in VOGSY with a default role 'Professional'. Of course, this employee needs some more configuration - like rates, working hours, and billability percentage - which can be done via the Employees function.

  • Manually manage users

    If you don’t want to grand all Google Workspace domain users to access VOGSY, you can select this option.

    When this option is activated, only Google Workspace domain users can access VOGSY if an employee which is marked as 'User' is matched in by the email address of the Google Workspace domain user.

    This way you have full control over which users of your Google Workspace domain can access VOGSY. Also, you can pre-configure employees so first time users are matched to a fully configurated employee.