Weather indication for projects

On each project card, a weather image is shown. The weather of a project is a metaphor of how the project is progressing and if it’s on track.

This weather image allows you to browse quickly through your projects and determine if you want to deep-dive into a project or not.

The weather image is calculated by the following four elements:

  • Schedule: This percentage shows how much time is left, based on the start and finish date of the deliverable.

  • Budget: Each deliverable has calculated activities or no-labor related costs, also named 'Budget'. This indicator shows the utilization of the budget.

  • Margin: Shows a detailed specification of the margin, with the calculated margin on the left and the actual margin on the right.

  • Completion: This indicator tells you what the overall completion of the work is. In other words: how much of the work is done to complete the deliverable. Since this is an estimation this indicator is not calculated and can be set manually.

These four elements are visualized for each deliverable using guage charts:

weather project indicators v2

Ideally, these indicators are in balance, because then the project is processing as it was planned. If 25% is the time is passed, and 25% of the budged is used, and the completion of the work what needs to be done is 25%, then the project is perfectly on track and will show a shining sun.

The more these indicators deviate the worse the weather will be.

Good to know:

  • Since projects can have multiple deliverables, the order value of a deliverable determines the impact on the weather: a higher order value results in a higher impact on the weather.

  • When there is a weather change, all followers of the project will get a notification on their feed.

  • The Projects - weather changes chart shows a condensed overview of all weather changes of the past seven days.