What’s new in VOGSY

We updated the look of the user interface from top to bottom to comply with the most recent Material Design standards. The redesign also allows the tasks and timesheet views to perform better and to load faster.

While these improvements are not yet generally available to the public, you can still experience the new version for a short time ahead of the official release.

Open VOGSY and go to the top of the side panel and click the Experience the new VOGSY version now! option. Your environment will switch to https://preview.vogsy.io, which is the URL to the new version of VOGSY. Note that the counter displayed in parentheses is the number of days until the preview period ends, after which all VOGSY environments will be switched to the new version permanently.

During the preview period you can return to the current version by simply navigating to the usual URL: https://vogsy.io.

You can also lets us know what you think about the new version by sending an email to feedback@vogsy.com. Help us to make this latest version even better!

In general, we made the following improvements:

  • Redesigned the Tasks view and the task card

  • Redesigned the Timesheets view and the timesheet page

  • Planning resources can now display hard and soft bookings

  • Now only charts can be added to boards.

See the following sections to learn more details about each of these topics.

General Improvements

  • The VOGSY search filters take up less space in the user interface and are even easier to use.

    new vogsy search

  • The link to the back office app is now located on the side panel.

    new back office

Improvements to your Tasks workflow

tasks default view

The focus of this redesign was to make collaboration easier, to make finding and viewing tasks easier, and to better align task management with the work breakdown structure.

Easier navigation

new tasks view

When you click on a task card in the Tasks view, the task opens in a side panel on the right side of the screen without ever leaving the Tasks view.

Redesigned the Task card

new task card
  • You can add more than one attachment.

  • You can add comments. If you want to mention a co-worker, type “@” followed by the person’s name.

To learn more about the new task card, see Create a task.

New filters

new filters tasks view 1
  • By clicking the Filter on assignee filter you can display only tasks assigned to you (number one red circle sm); or you can enter a co-worker’s name to display only tasks assigned to them.

  • You can use the object filter to only display tasks that you created (number two red circle sm); or you can filter by one of the VOGSY object types (number three red circle sm).

Due time

For those who need something more specific than a due date for tasks that are time-critical, you can now give those tasks a due time.

task due time

And you can click calendar clock to change the Tasks view to sort tasks by due time instead of status.

Additional task workflow statuses

You can now create sub-statuses from one of the three main task workflow stages: To do, Doing, and Done.

display substatuses 01

In the example above, Test (number two red circle sm) is a sub-status of Doing (number one red circle sm). This feature gives you the flexibility to align VOGSY with your current task management workflow.

This option is available for project statuses, organization statuses, and opportunity statuses.

Improvements to Timesheets

We improved the Timesheets view to make it more compact and informative, as well as to make it easier to find the timesheet that you want.

We improved the timesheet page to focus on activities and tasks and to provide more meaningful insight into the submission status of the time entries.

timesheets view

Redesigned the Timesheet view

The Timesheet view now displays two columns. The left column displays a scrolling list of timesheets. The right column displays the contents of the timesheet that you select. This was done to improve navigation between timesheets.

Redesigned the timesheet page

We redesigned the timesheet page extensively based on feedback from our customers.

  • Timesheets now display an overall color-coded status that is based on the statuses of the time entries.

  • We revised the Submit button to give you more control over which days to submit time entries. Previously you could only submit an entry for a single day or for an entire week; now you can submit time for any number of days.

  • As before, timesheets are pre-filled with time entries based on data from planning and calculations. With this version, the time entries are also pre-filled with their associated activities and tasks. This better reflects the work breakdown structure concept that is one of the cornerstones of VOGSY.

  • In the previous version, time entries were sorted by day; in this version, time entries are sorted by activity.

  • Each time entry has a color-coded status indicator:

    timesheet status bars
    • status draft This indicates estimated hours that have not yet been worked.

    • status submitted This indicates hours that have been worked and submitted for approval.

    • status approved This indicates hours that were approved.

  • By looking at a time entry you can quickly learn when it was worked on and for how long, and whether or not those hours have been submitted and approved.

  • The timesheet itself also has a color-coded status badge that summarizes the overall submission status of its time entries.

    The status badge displayed on the timesheet refers to the time entry with the lowest status level. For example, if a timesheet has an activity that has two time entries on it, and one entry has a status of Draft and the second has a status of Submitted, the overall status of the timesheet will be Draft.

  • The new design of the time entry form reflects VOGSY’s new emphasis on activities and tasks.

    new add time entry
  • The new design of the time entry form includes a Note field that you can use to record additional information about the activity. If you want to record information for each day on which the activity was worked, you can copy the time entry (as many times as you need) and use the copy to record the additional information.

    copy time entry 1

    Click content copy and a copy of the time entry will be created. The day fields and the Note field will be blank, allowing you to add different information.

    copy time entry 2

Improvements to the Planning Resources view and to Boards

Planning Resources view
  • The Planning Resources view now shows hard and soft bookings.

  • We removed the Detailed option; the hours are now part of the default view.

  • Browsing ahead or backwards through the calendar view is faster and smoother.

  • Only charts can be pinned to boards.

  • The Invite people form is now called the Share board form.