Welcome to the VOGSY user guide

Plan & track your clients, quotes, projects, resources, timesheets, and invoices with VOGSY ERP for services businesses.

VOGSY is designed to connect all your company’s people, processes, and information so that you can focus on your client work and get your job done faster and easier.

If you lead a mid-sized or growing services business and you believe, like us, that steady and continuous improvement leads to better outcomes for your business, staff, and clients, then you have come to the right place.

Whether you’re a user or manager of VOGSY, you’ll find all the information about the functions, features, and configuration options right here on these pages.

Here are some of VOGSY’s features:

Professionals worldwide love VOGSY because VOGSY is mobile first, cloud only, and available on any device.

Where to begin

If you’re just starting with VOGSY, you’ll probably want to know what it’s all about. When you’re familiar with the basics, you can quickly get started using VOGSY by looking over The Quote-to-Cash process in VOGSY section.

If you need to set up VOGSY, see the Set up VOGSY section.

Want to know how to collaborate with your colleagues and customers? Check out the Working together in VOGSY section.

We hope you find working with VOGSY enjoyable as well as profitable!