Welcome to the VOGSY Documentation!

The Only Professional Services Automation Solution for Google Workspace

This site hosts the technical documentation for VOGSY, the first intelligent personal services automation (PSA) tool for mid-sized professional services organizations (PSOs) in the Google Cloud. Whether you’re working in sales, finance, operations or project management, you can get your job done faster and easier with VOGSY.

Manage your Quote-to-Cash cycle the social media way

Because VOGSY makes it easy to integrate your business (and everyone in it) with Google Workspace and employs the best user experience techniques of social media, PSOs can deliver successful services to their customers.

VOGSY helps mid-sized PSOs integrate their Quote-to-Cash activities into a seamless end-to-end process. Handovers between professionals, account managers, project managers, management, and the back-office become smooth and transparent, thereby creating the success that saves you time and money that you can invest in sustainable growth.

At the heart of VOGSY is the feed: the default view that displays a real-time stream of notifications and alerts that keep you up to date on your projects, colleagues, and customers, on any device that you choose. No more searching for data! In VOGSY the information presents itself right when you need it, almost like magic.

Here are some of VOGSY’s features:

  • Manage your contacts and opportunities

  • Prepare a Statement of Work and send out Quotes

  • Open projects, get them staffed and running

  • Manage resources, time and expenses

  • Send invoices, receive payments

  • Keep improving with insightful dashboards and charts

  • Professionals worldwide love VOGSY because VOGSY is mobile first, cloud only, and available on any device.

Where to begin

If you’re just starting with VOGSY, you’ll probably want to know what it’s all about. When you’re familiar with the basics, you can quickly get started using VOGSY by looking over The Quote-to-Cash process in VOGSY section.

If you need to set up VOGSY, see the Set up VOGSY section.

Want to know how to collaborate with your colleagues and customers? Check out the Working together in VOGSY section.

We hope you find working with VOGSY enjoyable as well as profitable!