Create a fixed-price deliverable

Deliverables are a major part of projects, and as such, can only be created from within a project. This approach ensures alignment between project goals and outcomes, fostering efficient collaboration and tracking. By making deliverables project-centric, VOGSY enhances accountability, progress monitoring, and teamwork. This methodology minimizes distractions and maximizes focus on value creation.

See Deliverables to learn more about this vital component of projects.

There are three types of deliverables: fixed-price, time and materials, and subscription.

This topic explains how to create a fixed-price deliverable, which means the customer has agreed to pay a set price for the deliverable.

To create a fixed-price deliverable, do the following:

  1. Click briefcase Projects. The Projects view displays.

  2. Scroll to the project to which you want to add the deliverable.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the deliverable card and click plus thick Add Deliverable. The New Deliverable form opens.

  4. Complete the form. See Field descriptions for more information.

    1. Select Fixed Price from the Invoicing method field.

    2. In the Fixed price ($) field, enter the amount you are charging the customer for the deliverable.

    3. Enter a Start date and a Finish date for the deliverable.

  5. Click Save and the new deliverable will be added to the bottom of the project card.

Field descriptions

create fixed rate deliverable
Field name Description Required?

Select a template

See Work with deliverable templates for more information.



Enter a short phrase that describes the deliverable or click Copy Project Title to use the project’s name as the title of this deliverable.



Use this field for a short declaration about the objectives of the deliverable or any other relevant information that might be useful to your team members.



If you have activated the multicurrency feature, this field will display on the form. Use this field to select the company or department that will work on the deliverable. The company (and its physical location) that you select here will determine the currency used in the deliverable’s calculations. All other financial data displayed on the project view is displayed in the local currency of the project.

By default this field is set to the department of the project that contains the deliverable. However, if this is an international project, there might be deliverables assigned to departments based in other countries, each with its own currency. By setting the Department field to the appropriate country, VOGSY can manage the deliverable’s budget in their local currency.


Opportunity details

Select the appropriate checkbox:

  • Associate with a pre-existing VOGSY opportunity. If you select this option, you must select an opportunity from the associated drop-down list. This is the default selection.

  • Create a new opportunity. See Create an opportunity for more information.

  • Skip adding an opportunity. Choose this option if you don’t want to associate this project with an opportunity. See Opportunities for new projects to learn why we think every project should have an opportunity.


Invoicing method

Sets the type of deliverable:

  • Fixed Price.

  • Time & Material.

  • Subscription.


Cap on hours

Select this option if you want to limit the number of hours that can be allocated to this deliverable.

If you select this option, an additional required field will appear to allow you to set the cap amount.

Selecting this option means:

  • The sales amount, which is the calculation of all activities excluding costs, won’t exceed the cap amount.

  • You can’t allocate or plan more hours on resources than calculated.

  • Employees can’t submit more hours than allocated.

If you decide to override the default sales rate when assigning a resource to an activity, then you will not be able to set a cap on hours, and this checkbox will be greyed out and unselectable.


Add discount or surcharge

If you select this option, you must then select the type of transaction: Discount or Surcharge.

If you choose Discount, the following additional fields will display:

  • Discount %

  • Discount description

If you choose Surcharge, the following additional fields will display:

  • Surcharge %

  • Surcharge description


PO number differs from project

When the PO number of the deliverable differs from the PO number of the project, the deliverable will be invoiced separately.

Enter the deliverable’s PO number here.