Sales tax types

With VOGSY you can invoice your projects. Therefore it needs to know which sales tax should be used.

You can configure the different sales tax types in this function.

The following attributes can be assigned:

  • Name: This is how the sales tax type will show in drop-downs.

  • Sales tax Percentage: Here you can assign the percentage which will be used for calculating and specifying the sales tax.

  • Ledger account sales tax due: Here you can specify the ledger account which will be used for journalizing the sales tax due. The bookings are made at the moment the project invoice is approved.

  • Ledger account sales tax payable: The same as described, except the assigned ledger account is used for journalizing sales tax payable.

You can assign a sales tax type to a customer by editing the customer and select the sales tax from the drop-down in the edit form.

The selected sales tax will be the default for all the projects of the customer. The default sales tax can be overruled by specifying a different sales tax for a deliverable: