Companies and Departments

Here you can set up your companies and departments for your organization so you can manage them separately.

It’s possible to set up a three-layer organization structure:

  • Main company entity: contains one or more companies

  • Company: contains one or more departments

  • Department

Main company entity

You can edit the details of the main company entity by clicking the pencil pencil icon.

This opens a form with the settings of the main company entity:

editform holding v2

You can edit the name of the main company entity and select the desired format of how dates an numbers should be displayed thru VOGSY.

Also, you can select the manager and deputy manager of the main company entity. Managers and deputy managers can be selected for the approval of quotes and purchase invoices if it’s related to the main company entity.

It is possible to assign an opportunity or project to the main company entity when checkbox 'Main company entity can be selected for project and opportunities' is selected.


When you want to specify companies for your organization, you can click the plus thick plus icon.

Assign the fields in the right panel to define the company. You can specify the name, phone, email and Sales tax number. Together with the visiting address and mailing address, this information can be used when generating (draft)invoices and quotes.

It’s possible to assign a manager and deputy manager for the company. Just like the main company entity, these managers can be selected for the approval of quotes and purchase invoices which are related to the company if checkbox Company can be selected for projects and opportunities is selected.

Setting Opening balance is done is relevant when you start using VOGSY and create current projects which also exist in the current software you use. The openings balance allows you to manually insert costs and amount invoiced (revenue) so current projects in VOGSY show a realistic insight of costs and revenue. If all the projects of your previous software solution are created in VOGSY, you can turn this field on. From that moment there is no need to specify the cost and revenue manually.


If desired one or more departments can be created by clicking the Add button just below the company section in the right panel. This opens a form which shows the department details. These details are similar to the details of the company.