Delete a project and its dependencies

In most cases, due to the dependant and hierarchical nature of a project, you cannot simply delete it; you must delete its associated dependencies first. And sometimes you can’t delete the project at all, because one or more of its deliverables are still active.

We recommend the following sequence for deleting a project’s dependencies:

When the dependencies have been removed, then you can do the following to delete the project:

  1. Go to the Projects page and find the project that you want to delete.

    project to delete v3
  2. Click the project’s pencil button to open the Edit Project page.

    project to delete settings page v3
  3. Click Delete and the project will be removed from VOGSY.

    Don’t see the Delete button? Make sure you have deleted all of the project’s resources, activities, costs, invoicing schedules, and deliverables. Still don’t see the button? Is there an opening balance for the deliverable, and has it been invoiced? See FAQ: Why can’t I close this project? for more reasons why you can’t delete the project yet.