Planning hours

When you are setting up a project, you can add a planning to it. You plan in VOGSY by allocating future working hours of resources (co-workers) to activities for projects.

You can plan resources directly when calculating hours for activities by clicking the deliverable’s account details Allocate budget and resources icon and then clicking the appropriate activity’s user Allocate resources icon. Employees who are not on the project team, when added to a project’s planning, will automatically be added to the team.

When you enter a total number of hours for an activity, VOGSY will automatically spread them over the available hours of these resources. It will skip weekends and personal time off as indicated in My planning. Holidays can be skipped when planning; import a list of holidays via the back office.

Both the manager of the project who plans the hours, and the team member who performs the activity can edit the planning. Both will get a notification in their feed if the planning was edited.

Planning overviews are visible for authorized people in your company. There is a resource planning with an overview of the work of all employees over time, and a project planning with an overview of all projects over time, and the hours planned for them.

VOGSY can also be used without planning: if a project has deliverables and activities, you can register hours so they can be added to the administration and invoiced to the customer. Planning is not required for this.