Connect to Hubspot

Connecting VOGSY to Hubspot requires two steps: logging into the Hubspot site and allowing access.


Before you can connect to Salesforce, make sure you have the following:

  • A VOGSY subscription

  • A Hubspot subscription

  • A VOGSY user with the Support Staff role

Log into Hubspot

Go to the HubSpot website and log in.

Authorize VOGSY

The next and final step is to authorize VOGSY to connect to Hubspot. This provides VOGSY with an access token that allows VOGSY to access Hubspot on the user’s behalf.

  1. Open the CRM setup section of the Setup assistant and click Connect an external CRM.

  2. Select Hubspot from the Select your CRM drop-down list and click Save.

  3. Click Authorize VOGSY for Hubspot on the Connect VOGSY to Hubspot screen.