Create a credit invoice

A credit invoice, or credit note, is a statement detailing a refund or credit to an invoice. For example, you may issue a credit invoice if a customer asks for a refund or if you decide to give a customer a credit for any reason.

This procedure requires access to the VOGSY back office. To access back office applications you must have the Support staff role.

To create a credit invoice, do the following:

  1. Go to the Draft invoices back office application and click the + Add button.

  2. Fill out the Create draft invoice form. Most likely you will enter a negative value in the Amount field as a credit or refund for the customer.

    create credit invoice 1
  3. Click Save and the invoice record will be created. But the invoice hasn’t be created yet.

    create credit invoice 2
  4. Click Create document to generate the invoice. You will be given the option to approve or reject the invoice.

    create credit invoice 3
    Once approved in the next step, VOGSY will email the invoice to the email address displayed in the Email invoice to field. If you want this credit invoice to go to someone else, see Set up alternate email address.
  5. Click Approve and the invoice will be generated and added to your documents folder in Google Drive. VOGSY will also email the invoice to the designated email address.

Set up alternate email address

  1. Open the invoice’s project and click pencil circle. The Edit Project screen will open.

  2. Select the Use alternative invoice address checkbox. New fields will appear.

  3. Enter the information for the alternative contact person and then click Save.

  4. Return to the Draft invoices back office application and open the credit invoice. The Email invoice to field should contain the alternate email now.