With this function, you can define all the different kind of costs you’ll make to complete your projects beside the costs of spent hours.

Costs are used for pre-calculation the project deliverables and will give you insight into how much of foreseen costs are actually made and booked on the project.

Costs have the following attributes:

  • Name: The name of the costs which will appear in the dropdowns

  • Description: Here you can leave a more detailed description of the cost. This is just a reference for other back office users and will not appear in the front office.

  • Contra ledger account: This is the ledger account which will be used for booking the costs. When costs are booked on a project, a financial transaction is created which relates to this ledger account. This way the costs are related to the project itself and to the ledger account which allows you to report these costs in financial KPIs.

You can change the order of the dropdown, with the little arrows in the left panel of the screen.

Also, it’s possible to archive costs, even if they are already used. Archived costs will not appear as selectable costs in the dropdowns.