Using Trello cards in VOGSY

Trello cards are created and edited on Trello. Changes that you make in Trello will be reflected in VOGSY.

If you update a card in Trello and do not see the updates in VOGSY, refresh the page.

Add a Trello card to your project

Before you can add a Trello card, make sure you have connected VOGSY to Trello and that you have created or attached a Trello board to the project.
  1. Open the project and click the Trello tab.

    detach trello board 1
  2. Decide which list you want to add the card to and click that list’s Add a card field. The field will expand.

    add trello card 1
  3. Type a title for the card into the Add a card field and click Save. The card will be created.

    add trello card 2

View a Trello card

When you create a Trello card in VOGSY you are actually creating it in Trello and linking to it in VOGSY.

To view the card, simply click it and it will open in Trello.

add trello card 3

Any changes that you make to the card in Trello will be reflected in VOGSY. For example, if you add a team member to the card

add trello card 4

And then return to the project and refresh the screen

add trello card 5

The member’s icon will display on the Trello card.

Move the card to a different Trello list

To move a card to a new Trello list on the Trello board, click the card’s dots vertical icon and select the list to which you want to move the card.

move trello card 1
move trello card 2

This change will be reflected in Trello.

move trello card 3

Remove a Trello card from your project

  1. Open the project and click the Trello tab.

    delete trello card 1
  2. Click the card that you want to delete. It will open in Trello.

    delete trello card 2
  3. Click Archive. The card will be removed from the Trello board.

    See Archiving and deleting cards on Trello’s support page for more information.
    delete trello card 3
  4. Return to VOGSY and refresh the project’s screen. The card will no longer be there.

    delete trello card 4

View a Trello card’s comments

Comments that you add to a Trello card while in Trello can be viewed while in VOGSY.

  1. Open the project and click the Trello tab.

    view trello notes 1
  2. Click the note’s comment outline icon and the card will expand to display its comments.

    view trello notes 2
  3. Click the icon again to hide the comments.