VOGSY can generate a suite of reports to help you with your business planning and analysis. These reports are created as Google Sheets, and therefore the raw data that powers them is available to you as well. You can use this data to create your own reports, or feed it into whatever third-party numbers-crunching software you prefer.

You must have the Support staff role to view these reports, which are generated from the VOGSY back office.

Most of the reports that VOGSY can generate fit nicely into the Quote to Cash cycle:

  • Find and win the opportunity

    • Customers - Lists all of the organizations that have ever been configured as customers.

    • Suppliers - Lists all of the organizations that have ever been configured as suppliers.

    • Opportunities - Lists all of the opportunities that have ever been created in VOGSY.

  • Staff up and do the work

    • Projects - Lists all projects that have ever been created in VOGSY. This report contains an extra sheet called ‘Current Projects’ that lists the company’s currently active projects.

    • Deliverables - Lists all deliverables that have ever been created in VOGSY.

    • Calculations - Lists all calculations that have ever been created in VOGSY.

  • Track the time

    • Time entries - Lists all time entries that have ever been added in VOGSY. This report can be filtered by week, year, activity, and employee.

    • Billability employees - Lists available billability data. VOGSY also uses the same information from this report to generate three seperate charts: Billability per month, Billability per employee, and Project billabillity per department.

    • Working hours vs Submitted hours - Lists submitted hours vs work hours for each employee or contractor, sorted by week. With this report you can easily see if an employee’s submitted hours match their available work hours. Maybe they have some hours available to take on an extra activity!

    • Draft invoices - Lists all draft invoices that are awaiting project manager approval. This is a necessary step before you can send the invoice to the customer.

  • Submit the invoice and collect the revenue

    • Outstanding Invoices - Lists all invoices that are currently out to customers for payment.

    • Accounts payable - Lists all of your outstanding purchase invoices that you have received from suppliers. You can filter this report by year and by period.

    • Accounts receivable - Lists all invoices that were generated from projects.

VOGSY can also generate a few reports that fall outside of the Quote to Cash cycle:

  • Financial KPIs - Lists the results of KPI calculations. VOGSY uses the same data from this report to generate the Financial KPIs chart.

  • Audit Trails - This report records the history of the changes in roles and permissions granted to users.

  • Trial balance - Lists the ledger accounts data (credits and debits) for each organization. Each organization gets its own sheet. Allows you to track your balances over time.

How to refresh data

The reports do not update automatically. Refreshing the data is easy: go to Add-ons  VOGSY  Refresh report.