Payment conditions

Payment conditions are used for invoicing. You can specify an invoice text for each payment condition. This text is displayed on the invoice so the customer knows how and when the invoice should be paid.

Also, the date due of the outstanding invoice is calculated by the payment condition.

In this function, you can maintain the payment conditions.

They have the following attributes:

  • Name: This is how the payment condition will show in the drop-down where you can select a payment condition.

  • Days till due date: The number of days which are used to calculate the due date. This due date can also be printed on the invoice using placeholder {{due-date}} in the invoice template.

  • Invoice text: Here you can specify the text which will be printed on the invoice using placeholder {{payment-condition}}.

With the little arrows on the left side of the screen, you can change the order of the drop-down items which presents the payment conditions.