Creating teams

You can easily work together in VOGSY in teams around organizations, opportunities and projects. Each team is shown in the top left corner of an organization, opportunity or project and can be edited by tapping the circular images. You can invite others to join the team if you are part of a team, but not add yourself to another team.

Within a team, you can have the role of ‘manager’, or ‘team member’. Managers of project teams can approve quotes and invoices, team members and managers can edit the organization, opportunity or project. Every employee in VOGSY can see all organizations, opportunities and projects and their statusses, but if you are not part of a team, you cannot edit it. See Roles and Permissions to learn more about the topic.

As part of a team you receive notifications when relevant events occur or you need to carry out an action. Easily manage these alerts yourself by tapping the ‘Follow’ button for the entity in question.