Edit a timesheet

There may be several reasons why you would need to edit a timesheet:

  • Corrections: Mistakes can happen. Whether it’s a typo or an incorrect entry, editing allows you to correct these errors.

  • Updates: As projects evolve, so do your tasks. You might need to update your timesheet to reflect new responsibilities or changes in allocated time.

  • Auditing: For compliance or internal review, you might need to adjust entries for accuracy.

A timesheet with any of the following statuses can be edited:

  • Draft

  • Submitted

  • Approved

To edit a timesheet, do the following:

  1. Go to your Timesheets page and click the card for the timesheet you want to edit. The timesheet will display on the right side of the page.

    edit timesheet 1
  2. Find the entry that you want to edit and click it.

    edit timesheet 2

    The timesheet will switch to edit mode.

    edit timesheet 3
  3. Update the time entry and click Save.

    edit timesheet 4

    The time entry will be updated.

    edit timesheet 5