Setup assistant

VOGSY has a default configuration which makes it ready to use right from the moment it’s installed.

There are lots of features and items that you can set up and configure.

VOGSY offers a setup assistant which leads you along the most important configuration options and gives you information which enables you to setup VOGSY so it runs smoothly for your organization.

This setup assistant points out a suggested order to set up your VOGSY environment:

The first step is related to the setup of your company. It relates to the definition of your organization structure and other company-wide settings.

Then, the setup leads you thru the setup of resources. After completing this setup, you will be ready to populate your environment with employees.

Next step is the setup of CRM-related features to enable you to create organizations, contacts, and opportunities. When you completed the CRM setup, the assistant will help you by setting up the main features which are related to project management. This, allows you to create projects and plan resources on it.

Finally, the setup assistant will help you complete the configuration of the accounting module of VOGSY.

Since VOGSY offers a pre-configurated setup, all of these steps are optional. If you don’t want to use for example the accounting features of VOGSY, you can mark each step or 'Account setup' as complete and use the default configuration.

You can access the setup assistant via the VOGSY feed and via the back office. The assistant is only available for users which have role 'Support staff'.

setup assistant in backoffice v1