Billable activities

This step is about setting up billable activities. These are activities that are directly related to a project.

Billable activities are used for:

  • Pre-calculating deliverables: You can select a set of activities which needs to be done with an estimated number of hours. This defines the budget of the project.

  • Planning of resources: You can allocate resources to calculated activities. This will result in a resource and project planning

  • Time tracking: The spend hours on activities can be inserted in timesheets and will affect the budget of the project.

  • Invoicing projects: When invoicing type is 'Time and material' the sales rate of calculated activities are invoiced and specified on the invoice if desired.

VOGSY offers a default set of activities with a fictional cost and sales rate. You can map these activities to the activities of your current projects.

When mapping activities, keep in mind that activities are used for pre-calculating project deliverables and that the sales rate is used for invoicing your projects. It’s also important to be sure that your resources are able to map these activities into their daily work.