Expense types

Expense types are categories you can associate with an expense when you create it. This makes it easier to manage expenses when creating invoices and reports.

There are two kinds of expense types:

  • Billable - Expenses that are set to a billable expense type can be invoiced. To make an expense type billable, go to its settings page do the following:

    1. Select the Distribute on project checkbox.

    2. Select the appropriate cost type from the Cost drop-down list.

    3. Click Save.

    expense type billable
  • Ledger-based - Expenses that are set to a ledger-based expense type are booked to a ledger account. This is the default setting for an expense type, but if it is currently set as a billable expense type, clear the Distribute on project checkbox and the expense type will revert to the ledger-based setting with the appropriate ledger account already selected.

    expense type ledger

To edit or add an expense type, use the Expense types back office master table.

To access back office applications you must have the Support staff role.

Default expense types

VOGSY is installed with the following expense types by default:

Expense type Description

Equipment and software

Equipment and software purchases

Hospitality and entertainment

This includes away days, strategy days, and team building events.

Hotels and accommodations

Hotels and accommodations

Meals, food and drink

General - meals etc


Medical, utilities, cash advance, unclassified expenses

Office and communications

Office materials, printing, postage, couriers, calls, internet costs


Planes, trains, taxis, Uber, bus, rental, parking, fuel, and other