Outstanding invoices

This chart shows you each of your customers’ outstanding invoices ordered by the amount due. It also indicates the age of the invoices.

To ensure this chart is accurate, be sure to generate invoices as necessary and to mark them as PAID when appropriate.
chart outstanding invoices

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Pin icon. Click to pin this chart to a board.

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By default, data from all departments is used in the dataset. See Filter data by departments to learn how to remove specific department data from the dataset.

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Invoice graph. Displays the name of the customer and the invoice amount. The color of the bar graph indicates the age of the invoice:

Color Age

invoice color 01

30 days or less

invoice color 02

90 days or more

Click the graph to view more details about the invoice:

chart outstanding invoices details

Click invoice age to view further details:

chart outstanding invoices details expanded

Filter data by departments

To select the departments whose data you want to visualize in the chart, do the following:

  1. Click the filter Filter button for the department filter. A dialog window will display with a list of the departments that you have configured for your company.

  2. Select the departments that you want to add to the chart.

  3. Click OK. The chart will refresh with the updated presentation.