FAQ: Invoices

In VOGSY, an invoice is a bill that you generate from your projects based on your deliverables. You send this bill to your customers to generate revenue.

An invoice template provides a generic layout and appearance for the invoices that you generate. VOGSY provides a default template that you can edit or customize.

Once generated, invoices are automatically emailed to the address(es) designated on the customer’s Organization page. In other words, simply generate the invoice and VOGSY will take care of the rest.

Yes. You can configure VOGSY to generate draft invoices from projects that have outstanding billable hours, billable costs, or billable periods. VOGSY will generate invoices from both invoicing methods (Fixed Price/Time and Materials).

This is easy to do. See the Generate a project invoice topic for more information.

After you generate a draft invoice VOGSY sends it to the relevant project manager for approval. See the Submit an invoice for approval topic for more information.

You have two options: via notification or via the back office. Note that to access back office applications you must have the Support staff role.

To create an invoice schedule in VOGSY, see the Create an invoice schedule topic.

Of course! See the Delete an invoice schedule topic.

Costs consist of all expenditures spent by the company for a project, except for employee salaries. See the Add project costs to an invoice topic to learn how to add them to an invoice.

A purchase invoice is an invoice you receive from a supplier for costs related to a project. See the Create a purchase invoice topic to learn how to create one.

In VOGSY, an expense is money that was spent by an employee for a project. You can invoice the customer for these expenses under certain circumstances. See the Create an expense topic to learn more.

Expense types are categories you can associate with an expense when you create it. This makes it easier to manage expenses when creating invoices and reports. See the Set up expense types topic for more information.

You must create a credit invoice to correct the old invoice. VOGSY will also use the information from the credit invoice to update your client's account and your ledgers.