Opportunity settings

The weather indication system for opportunities is based on the progress of each opportunity as it passes through the sales funnel. The icon that displays represents if the opportunity is on track based on its current stage and age.

Since the progress rate for opportunities might differ between companies, you can use the Opportunity settings page in the back office to configure the lead times for the different stages in the opportunity cycle.

opportunity settings page

You can choose between two calculation methods:

  • Use historic averages - Uses the average number of days it takes to reach a stage over time as calculated by VOGSY, which collects data about the duration of each stage transition.

  • Use lead time - Uses the values that you enter in the Lead time in days field for each stage.

If you are just starting with VOGSY, you should select the Use lead time option until VOGSY has collected enough data to make its Historic average calculations relevant.
The Lost stage, which is an inactive phase of the opportunity cycle, is not listed on the Opportunity settings page and cannot be configured.