In the world of business, capturing and nurturing potential leads is critical to business growth. In VOGSY, leads are referred to as opportunities.

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What is an Opportunity?

An opportunity in VOGSY is a record that represents a potential project originating from business leads or promising client inquiries. Creating an opportunity record should be the first step in your process to convert potential client interests into actual projects and sales.

Key Features for Managing Opportunities

VOGSY streamlines the following key management requirements of opportunities:

Sales Tracking

Opportunities are central to the charts in VOGSY, such as the Sales funnel chart and the Sales pipeline progression chart. These charts extract data directly from active opportunities, providing a real-time graphical depiction of sales activities. This visual approach helps in understanding the flow of potential revenue through different stages of the sales process, enabling timely and informed decisions.

Insight into Future Revenue and Resourcing

By analyzing aggregated opportunity data, VOGSY provides valuable forecasts concerning future projects and revenue streams. This predictive insight assists in strategic planning and resource allocation, ensuring that the necessary resources are available to meet upcoming demands.

Visual Health Assessment

VOGSY employs an innovative, weather-themed icon system to offer a quick and intuitive visual assessment of an opportunity’s status. This feature allows users to easily monitor the health and progress of each opportunity, identifying potential risks and taking corrective actions early in the sales cycle.

Project Status Tracking

When an opportunity reaches a point where it seems likely to be won, you can create a preliminary project. You can use this project to define the SOW (to generate a quote) and to plan resources (softbookings) to ensure you have the resources available for the future full-fledged project. Preliminary projects are highlighted in light blue on the planning overviews, providing a clear visual indicator of their developmental stage. This helps in managing expectations both internally and with clients.

Detailed Understanding of Deliverables

Each opportunity record details the specific products or services to be delivered, along with the scheduled timelines. This clarity supports effective project planning and customer communication, enhancing the overall service delivery framework.

Organizational Labels

Users can assign labels to opportunities, which aids in categorizing and retrieving related records efficiently. Labels act as flexible, user-defined markers that streamline the tracking and reporting of opportunities across various dimensions.

Booking and Resource Management

Adding bookings to an opportunity is crucial for detailed project planning. Bookings outline the specific requirements of a project, including the needed workforce and their skill levels. This functionality not only simplifies the complexity associated with managing multiple opportunities but also enhances resource utilization and operational efficiency.

As long as you have not set the opportunity to 'Won', any project generated from the opportunity will remain in Pending status and will be displayed in light blue in the planning overviews.

You can add labels to opportunities in order to organize and track them.

Field descriptions

opportunity in vogsy v3

number one red circle

The FOLLOW button. This button has two states:

  • FOLLOWING means you are currently receiving notifications when significant events occur for the opportunity.

  • FOLLOW means you are not currently receiving notifications.

number two red circle

Click this button to open the opportunity’s configuration page for editing.

number three red circle

Click this button to create a template from this opportunity.

number four red circle

The logo of the customer of this opportunity. Click the logo to go to the customer’s organization card.

number five red circle

The avatar for the customer’s contact person. Click it to open their contact card.

number six red circle

Avatars for the opportunity’s team members. The first avatar is for the account manager.

number seven red circle

Name of the opportunity.

number eight red circle

Click star outline to add the opportunity to your Starred page.

number nine red circle

Name of the customer organization.

number ten red circle

The opportunity’s progress status.

number eleven red circle

The opportunity’s labels.

number twelve red circle

number thirteen red circle

Estimated revenue to be earned from the opportunity and estimated recurring revenue.

The opportunity’s financial data such as revenue will be displayed in the currency that was set for the opportunity when it was created. This might be different from the base currency (the currency of the parent company).

number fourteen red circle

Opportunity age and closing date.

number fifteen red circle

These are the bookings that were created for this opportunity. This compact view tells you the following:

  • The number of Full Time Employees (FTEs) that would be required to complete the resulting project.

  • How many FTEs have not been booked.

  • The activities (and their seniority levels) that would need to be performed, as well as how many FTEs would be required to complete them.

One FTE equals 40 hours.

number sixteen red circle

Click this button to go to the folder on Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive (depending on which documentation management service you use) that contains the opportunity’s associated documents.

number seventeen red circle

Click this button to open the Opportunity Bookings screen where you can manage this opportunity’s bookings.

Create a project

Click to create a preliminary project that will be associated with this opportunity. Also known as an oppotunity project. Generates a form similar to the Create a project form, but without the Opportunity details section.

Extend a project

Click to add this opportunity’s deliverables to a project.

Create a Quote

Click to generate a quote for this opportunity.