How VOGSY works with Google Workspace

In order to use VOGSY, you should log in with your company’s Google Workspace account. Also when you are starting a trial.

VOGSY automatically creates folders in Google Drive, Sheets with data and Google Docs for quotes and invoices by integrating with Google Workspace by Google Cloud. Everyone in your organization will be able to access these files, which makes working together easy and transparent.

All data is stored in the VOGSY folder on your Google Drive. To access data, just click DOCUMENTS. This button displays on all Organization, Person, Opportunity, and Project cards.

icon to access drive v3

You can extract data reports from VOGSY using Google Sheets, via the back office.

You can generate quotes and invoices from templates in Google Docs. After approval, VOGSY will email them to the appropriate contacts via Google Gmail, using the e-mail address of the person who generated the quote or invoice.