How VOGSY works with your online productivity suite

VOGSY works with the following online productivity suites (OPSs):

In order to use VOGSY, you must log in with your company’s Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 account.

VOGSY interacts with your OPS in the following ways:

  • Creates a VOGSY folder in your comapny’s shared drive (Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive), where all data is stored in sub-folders. To access the data, just click the DOCUMENTS button that displays on all organization, person, opportunity, and project cards.

    See VOGSY’s data handling policy to learn about how VOGSY manages your files and folders.
  • Uses Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel to generate reports.

  • Uses Google Docs or Microsoft Word to generate quotes and invoices.

  • Uses Google Gmail or Microsoft Outlook to communicate with fellow employees and customers. For example, after your manager approves an invoice, the invoice is emailed to the customer, using the e-mail address of the person who generated the invoice.

By default, everyone in your organization can access these files, which makes working together easy and transparent.

If you prefer to make file access more restrictive, see Folder permissions to learn about your options.