Submit someone else’s timesheet

To submit someone else’s timesheet, do the following:

  1. Locate the Search field in the top header of VOGSY and enter the name of the person for whom you want to submit a timesheet. The person should display in the search field.

    search name
  2. Click the name and the employee’s Person page will display. If you have been configured to approve the timesheets of others, there should be a Show timesheets button on the employee’s page.

    show timesheets
    If you don’t see the Show timesheets button, see Grant an employee the power to manage the timesheets of others.
  3. Click the button to display the employee’s Timesheets feed, which will display a list of their timesheet cards, sorted with the timesheet for the current reporting week at the top.

  4. Find the timesheet card that you want to submit and click Submit to display your submit options.

    submit options
  5. Click the appropriate submission type. Your options are:

    • …​up to today - Hours recorded for all days excluding the current day will be submitted.

    • …​up to and including today - Hours recorded for all days including the current day will be submitted.

    • …​this entire week - All recorded hours for the work week will be submitted.