Understand the Quote to Cash process in VOGSY

Think of Quote-to-Cash (Q2C) as a relay race: your teams are the runners moving a client’s project (the baton) from the initial quote all the way through to the customer invoice. Winning depends on the smooth and swift transition of the baton from the people who sell your company’s services, to the people who do the work, to the people who collect and record the money.

VOGSY, which was designed to streamline and automate these processes, giving your business greater efficiency, more accuracy, and better visibility from initial quote to final payment, is the coach who supports the team by providing the tools and philosophy to run the Q2C relay race consistently and successfully. Another role of the coach is to monitor and evaluate the team’s performance, and VOGSY does this by compiling all of the data produced during a project’s implementation and generating charts and reports that can be used to monitor the health of the project, resources, and company, as well as to improve future project implementations.

The phases of the Quote to Cash cycle

q2c image

The Q2C process consists of the following five phases that cover the entire project cycle of your business:

The sections that follow cover these phases in more detail.