Company and departments

Depending on the size of your organization it can be desirable to manage opportunities, projects, and resources by different companies or departments of your organization.

By default, there is one company defined in your VOGSY environment, but it’s possible to add departments to this company or define multiple companies (with departments).

Each opportunity, project, and resource can be assigned to a company or department, which enables you to monitor your organization per company or department.

Different charts and reports of VOGSY have filters which allow you to filter a company or department.

This step is optional. If there is no need to monitor your operation by separate companies or departments, you’re good to go with the default setup of VOGSY and you can mark this step as done. If you do want to set up companies and departments, you can tap on the step. It will direct you to the Companies/Departments settings page in the back office where you can add and configure your organizational structure.