View a task

Tasks can be viewed in a number of ways.

From the Task view

  1. Click [ checkbox marked circle outline green Tasks ] in the side panel to open the Tasks view, where you can see all the tasks that were created in VOGSY.

    tasks default view
  2. Find the task you want to view and click it.

From the associated VOGSY object

  1. Open the project, opportunity, organization, or people card that is associated with the task.

    tasks project view
  2. Click the Tasks tab, locate the task you want to view, and click it.

From your Home feed

If the task you want to view is due soon, you will probably have a notification about it on your Home feed.

task on feed

Click Show Tasks to switch to the Tasks view, and from there you can find the task and click it to view it.

The task card

The task card contains all the information you should need to complete the task.

task view