Leaving notes

Everyone in your VOGSY domain can leave notes on organizations, persons, opportunities, and projects, even if they are not part of the project team. When a note is created, the appropriate project team members will be informed via their feed.

Notes on organizations, opportunities, or projects will remain there and stay visible for everyone. An overview of all your notes can be found on the Notes tab in your personal Persons page. To reach ths page, click your avatar, which is located at the top right of VOGSY.

Directly communicating with people who are not in your VOGSY domain is not possible, except when VOGSY sends quotes or invoices to leads or customers via Google Gmail. For direct communication with people who are not in your company we recommend Google Gmail or Google Hangouts.

Create a note

  1. Go to the VOGSY object where you want to leave the note.

  2. Click the Notes tab.

    add note v3
  3. Click the Write a note field to display the Create a Note window.

    create note
  4. [Optional] Type a title into the Title field.

  5. Type the note into the Add a note field and then click Save.