Create a Jira issue from a project

To make it easier to track Jira tickets that are associated with a particular project, VOGSY maintains a tab on the project page that lists all of the epics, issues, and subtasks associated with the project.

You can also create tickets in Jira directly from the project page:

  1. Open the project and click the Jira tab. All Jira tickets that are associated with this project will display here, sorted by deliverable.

    jira tab
  2. Click the plus thick beside the appropriate deliverable. The Add Jira issue form displays.

    add jira issue
  3. Make sure the Create new issue checkbox is selected and then fill out the rest of the form.

    add jira issue 2
  4. Click Save and the ticket will be created in Jira and listed on the project page under the appropriate deliverable.

    jira tab 2

    Click on the ticket to open its Jira page in your browser.

    jira page 1

    If the VOGSY Project section is not visible, click the bento menu and select VOGSY Project from the drop-down list.

    jira page 2