Every company that you have a business relationship with should have an organization page in VOGSY.

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When you create an opportunity or a project for an organization, VOGSY will link the opportunity or project to the organization and to the organization’s contact person.

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Field descriptions

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The following table goes into more detail about the elements that make up an organization record.

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The FOLLOW button. This button has two states:

  • FOLLOWING means you are currently receiving notifications when significant events occur for the organization.

  • FOLLOW means you are not currently receiving notifications.

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Click this button to open the organization’s configuration page for editing.

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Click this button to create a template from this organization.

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The organization’s logo. To change it, see Change an organization card’s logo. It is also possible to change the background image; see Change a organization card’s background.

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Team avatars. The first avatar is for the account manager. To add members, see Add a team member to the organization. To remove members, see Remove a team member from the organization.

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Organization type. An organization can be a customer or a supplier, or both, or neither.

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Name of the organization.

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Click star outline to add the organization to your Starred page.

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Navigation bar. These buttons give you quick access to the organization’s associated documents, opportunities, projects, and the invoices.

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The organization card has two expandable sections:

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Contacts. Click this section to view information about the organization’s contact person Click MANAGE to change the contact person.

If there is a phone number available for the contact, it will display here and you can click it to initiate a phone call.

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About {the organization}. Click this section to view the organization’s contact information. The links are clickable.