Create a purchase invoice

A purchase invoice is an invoice you receive from a supplier for costs relating to a project. You can book these costs to the project, which will help generate a true project margin. You can also invoice your customer for these costs.

Before creating the purchase invoice, make sure the company that submitted the invoice exists in the Organizations database as a Supplier. See Customers and suppliers for more information.
This procedure requires access to the back office. To access back office applications you must have the Support staff role.

To create a purchase invoice, do the following:

  1. Add the cost that you want to invoice to the appropriate project deliverable.

  2. Go to the Purchase Invoices back office application and click the plus thick button to open the new purchase invoice screen.

  3. Select the supplier from the Creditor search field.

  4. Fill out the other fields. The Creditor invoice number field is optional.

  5. To attach a file, click the attachments icon icon.

  6. If this invoice is part of an automatic payment arrangement with the supplier, select the Collected checkbox.

  7. To post the invoice in a different period or to break the posting down into multiple periods, select the Post in different period or breakdown in multiple periods checkbox and then fill out the three fields that appear.

  8. Click Save and a cost distribution section will be generated and displayed.

  9. Click Add to distribute the cost against your project.

    The ledger account selected must be able to be distributed to a project.
  10. Fill out the Invoice distribution entry form that displays and then click Save.

  11. When Still left to distribute equals 0, click Done to begin the approval process.

  12. Select the approver of the purchase invoice. You, as the creator of the purchase invoice, cannot also be the approver.

    The approver will receive an approval request on their VOGSY feed. After they approve it, you can generate a draft invoice. If the invoice is for a Time & Materials project, the cost will appear as a line item on the invoice.