The Billability employees report

This report lists all available billability data by month for each employee in your company.

Column descriptions

Name employee

The name of the employee to whom the data applies. Names are sorted in alphabetical order by department.

Job title

The role the employee has in your company.

The following columns are repeated for each month:


The month and year for the set of data.

Working hours

Amount of hours reported for the month and year.

Target billable hours

The amount of hours the employee is expected to work for the month. This figure is set on the employee’s back office profile page.

Target percentage billable hours

Billability percentage is the percentage of working hours for which the employee should be billable

Hours planned

The number of hours of work planned for the employee for the month.

Amount planned

The number of hours or work planned multiplied by the sales rate of the planned activity.

Actual billable hours

Based on tracked hours on projects for the displayed month.

Absence hours

The employee’s number of holiday/vacation/sick leave hours for the month.

Actual percentage billable hours

The percentage is calculated by dividing the actual billable hours by the working hours.

Actual revenue

The actual revenu is calculated by the actual billable hours * sales rate of the activity.

The Billability per employee chart gives you several options for visualizing the data that is provided in this report.