Mail templates

Mail templates are used when VOGSY sends out quotes, project invoices, order confirmations and project evaluations. Here you can configure the texts of these mail templates.

Mail templates can be configured per company or department. The company or department which is related to the opportunity or project determines which template will be used.

There are mail templates for sending

  • Project invoices

  • Project evaluations

  • Quotes

  • Invitations to join VOGSY

edit mail template in back office v1

Edit a template by tapping the pencil icon. You can use different variables which will be replaced by actual data when the email is generated. Variables should be placed between curly brackets {}. The following variables can be used:

edit mail template in back office with variables v1

If you don’t specify a template for a department, the template of the company will be used.

The same goes for the templates for companies. If there is no template specified for a company, the template of the main company entity will be used. In that case, the Uses template of main company entity [-main company entity-] message displays.

Initially, there is only one template defined for the main company entity. All companies and departments use this template.

If you edit the template of a company or department, the templated text of the main entity company will be initially copied to this form. Accordingly, you can change the template as desired.

The SET TO DEFAULT option removes the template so the template of the related company or main company entity will be used.