A quote defines the proposed work that will be delivered to a customer and the price it will cost.

VOGSY can generate a quote from an opportunity for you at the click of a button.

To generate a detailed quote, you must create a project from the opportunity first.

The quote will be attached to the opportunity card and saved into the opportunity’s folder on Google Drive. You can generate more than one quote, if necessary.

VOGSY can delete a quote as long as the quote has not been submitted.

Customers can use the Signhost plugin to digitally sign quotes. VOGSY support can help you set this up.

After the customer signs the quote, you can set the opportunity to ‘Won’, at which point the status of the linked project will change from Pending to In progress.

Field descriptions

opportunity with project and quote

number one red circle


letter a red circle

Project title and description

letter b red circle

Estimated value of the project

number two red circle


letter a red circle

Generated quote. Click to open the file in Google Docs.

letter b red circle

Current status of the project and the amount of time at that status.

letter c red circle

Most recent internal communications.