Work with deliverable templates

While VOGSY gives you the ability to duplicate any deliverable, you might not want a clone of a duplicate but only the basic data from one, especially the calculations, which can be time-comsuming to create. For that you can use a deliverable template. A deliverable created from a template will import the following information from the template:

  • Title

  • Description

  • Start and finish dates

  • Invoicing method

  • Revenue type (if applicable)

  • Activities, activity hours and rates

  • Any costs and rates

  • Calculations, incldung activities (but not the resources) and costs.

As mentioned before, this is not a clone, and therefore the deliverable will not import the following:

  • Amount (fixed-price deliverables only)

  • Any cap on hours

  • Any discount/surcharge

  • PO number

  • The resourcing

  • Invoicing/billing periods (fixed-price deliverables only)