Accounting settings

VOGSY offers an accounting module that can be configured.

You can specify the journals VOGSY uses when bookings are created automatically. For example, when draft invoices or time entries are approved, VOGSY creates bookings and relates them to journals which are specified in the accounting settings.

You can specify the journals for the booking of:

  • Time entries (when time entries are submitted or approved, bookings are made and related to this journal)

  • Project sales (This journal is used for making bookings because of the approval of a draft invoice)

  • Expenses (when an expense is approved, the costs are booked and related to this journal)

Also, you can specify the ledger accounts which are used for financial transactions related to 'Account receivables' and 'Account payables'.

This step leads you to the Accounting settings so you can check the default configuration and adapt it so it fits your business needs.