General settings

The settings on this page control some of the most basic configuration options for VOGSY.

User management

These two sets of configuration options concern the Lite user type.

Allow or disallow Lite users

Lite users have limited access to VOGSY. They can track time, adjust their own planning, submit their own expenses, and view and modify their own tasks.

If you allow Lite users, then you must manually add new users. This means that only Google Workspace domain users can access VOGSY if an employee that is marked as a 'User' in VOGSY is matched to the email address of the Google Workspace domain user attempting access.

This gives you full control over which Google Workspace domain users can access VOGSY. Also, you can pre-configure things in VOGSY so that first time users are matched to a fully configured employee.

If you do not allow Lite users, then you have the option of allowing VOGSY to automatically create new users, which means that when a member of your Google Workspace domain logs into VOGSY for the first time, they will be made a VOGSY user with a default role of Professional.

Outbound email safeguard

VOGSY can send emails to your customers on your behalf. This feature is disabled by default during the 30-day trial while you are exploring the benefits of VOGSY. Instead, emails will be sent to your email address. This way you can still practice generating and sending invoices for approval without having to worry about accidentally sending them to your customers!

When you become a subscriber this safeguard will be removed, meaning outbound emails will be enabled.