The Milestones section, which displays on the Project page and is set between the project card and the deliverables, gives a timeline view of a project’s events, both future and past. By default, the section is collapsed; to display the milestones, click the expander arrow2 expander arrow.

Field descriptions

milestones section

number one red circle

The overall time period of the milestones, containing the start and end dates of the project.

number two red circle

Milestone event. Contains the date of occurrence and a description of the event.

number three red circle

When a milestone is reached, VOGSY marks it with an orange dot. VOGSY will also put a notification card on the Home feeds of the members of the project team and on the Home feeds of the project’s followers.

number four red circle

The current date at the time of viewing the Milestones section.

VOGSY generates these milestones based on your planning, but you can add your own by clicking Add Milestone. However, when the milestone is reached, VOGSY will not mark it as completed; you must do this manually by clicking the empty circle beside the milestone.