Choose a layout for your customer’s invoice

Once you have a template configured, you can choose from a list of layouts to control what information is actually displayed when you generate an invoice. Some layouts are more detailed than others. This might be useful if you have different types of customers; you can use one layout for Customer A, and a different layout for Customer B.

To change a customer’s invoice layout, do the following:

  1. Click home city outline Organizations and locate your customer’s organization card.

  2. Click the card’s pencil Edit button to display the Organization page.

  3. Select the appropriate layout from the Level of detail on invoices drop-down list.

  4. Click Save.

Layout samples

This topic provides an example of each layout.

Show all timesheet entries, with notes and employees

This layout shows the most details of all the layouts.
invoice sample layout 01

Show all timesheet entries, with notes

invoice sample layout 02

Compress timesheet entries per activity/employee

invoice sample layout 03

Compress timesheet entries per activity

invoice sample layout 04

Compress timesheet entries by employee and sales rate

invoice sample layout 05

Compress timesheet entries per deliverable

This layout shows the least amount of detail of all the layouts.
invoice sample layout 06