Invoicing is a crucial step in the quote-to-cash process. In VOGSY, an invoice is a bill that you send to a customer for project-related services and costs.

VOGSY gives you the flexibility to invoice your customers based on your project deliverables. You can invoice:

  • Time and Material time entries

  • Billable expenses incurred by your team

  • External project costs incurred as part of your deliverable

  • Fixed price costs for project deliverables, retainers, or subscriptions based on an invoicing schedule

VOGSY can generate invoices for all projects at one time, or you can generate an invoice for one of your projects from its Project screen.

A typical invoice cycle is as follows:

  1. A draft invoice is generated as a PDF and placed in the Google Drive folder of the project from which it was generated.

  2. The project manager is alerted to the existence of the draft invoice.

  3. The project manager approves the draft invoice.

  4. A customer invoice is generated and emailed to the customer’s contact person.

    Although this email is sent by VOGSY, it uses the project manager’s Google Gmail account so that to the customer it appears that the project manager sent the email. Also, the email is stored in the project manager’s Sent box.
  5. At the same time, an account receivable is created and the revenue is booked according to the settings of the account invoicing type of the project.

The Outstanding invoices chart and the Outstanding Invoices report show which customers have not yet paid their invoices.