Project activities

Activities describe the work that you and others of your company do in order to complete deliverables for projects. Time registered on activities can be used for invoicing, resource management and generating overviews of your company in charts.

Only team members of a project can add deliverables, activities and costs to a project. You can enter time spent on activities in your own timesheet. Activities for projects that your have been allocated to, will appear directly in your timesheet; just tap to add the hours your worked, or add an activity yourself if it does not show.

When setting up a deliverable for a project, you can add a calculation of the hours that should be spent on certain activities. Depending on the sales rate for this activity, a price is calculated for this amount of work. Deliverables with time and material costs require a calculation of activities or costs to be added, before they can be invoiced to a customer. Deliverables with a fixed price can have activities added for internal administration.

When adding activities to a deliverable, a list of possible activities show. This list of possible activities can be configured in the back office under Master Tables. The standard costs and sales rated for these activities are also configured here.

You can allocate activities to specific employees when adding or editing a calculation for a deliverable. These activities will appear directly in the timesheets of these employees.

Planning is done by adding the planned hours that employee should work on an allocated activity. Planned hours can be edited in the planning section of a project.