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This chart compares, for each department, the actual costs made to the amount already invoiced as well as what’s left to be invoiced. Use the insights from this chart to improve your invoicing process and your cash flow.

To ensure this chart is accurate, do the following:

  • Consistently generate and send invoices as necessary.

  • Tracks resources' time and costs against relevant projects.

chart work in progress

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Visualization filter. You can display data from the selected month (Month), you can include all data up to the selected month (YTD), or you can include data from all open projects.

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Department graph. A graph displays for each department in your company. The invoice color 02 bar displays the total amount of department costs; the invoice color 01 bar displays costs that need to be invoiced. The Balance equals the sum of what has been invoiced and what still needs be invoiced, minus the costs. In other words, Balance = (Invoiced + To be invoiced) - Costs.

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