Task Management

VOGSY provides an easy way to manage tasks.

You can create tasks, assign them to yourself or to your colleagues and associate the task to an organization, opportunity or project.

This way you can organize your work and make sure things are getting done in time. Also, tasks will give you insight into what’s happening around projects, opportunities, and organizations.

How to create tasks

There are three different ways to create tasks:

  • Create tasks from the Task view

    Menu option 'Tasks' opens the task view. In this view, you have the option to create a new task.

  • Create tasks from an organization, opportunity or project

    Each card of the above entities has a new section: 'Tasks'. This section shows all the tasks which are associated with the organization, opportunity or project. From this place, you can also create a new task. It will be automatically associated with the organization, opportunity or project.

  • Create tasks from a notification

    So, you’ve got a notification on your timeline, and you want to create a task for it to be sure there is a follow-up.

    Click the clock outline Snooze icon and you can create a task that will be automatically associated with the organization, opportunity or project the notification relates to.

    create task from notification v1

When you creating a task a form opens:

task management 01 v2
  • Title: A brief description of the task which is also shown in the task list.

  • Description: A more detailed description of the task. This description is optional.

  • Status: The current status of the task. Available statuses: To do (default), Doing, and Done.

  • Due date: When should the task be completed. VOGSY will remind the assigned user when tasks are due.

  • Assign task: You can assign a task to yourself ('Assign to me') or to an employee. This is optional.

How to manage tasks

VOGSY helps you to manage tasks by providing instant insight into the current status of tasks. Clicking the checkbox marked circle outline Tasks button opens a kanban view which shows the tasks grouped by status (To do, Doing, Done). Also, you can change this view so tasks are grouped by due date. Then the tasks are categorized by 'Overdue', 'Today', 'Tomorrow & later':

tasks show in time v2

You can filter the tasks in this view. By selecting 'My task' you’ll see only the tasks which are assigned to you or everyone’s tasks to get a total view of all tasks.

These views are also available in the task-section for each organization, opportunity or project. In that case, only the associated tasks are displayed.

When a task is assigned to you or when tasks are due, you’ll get notified via your timeline. This way VOGSY keeps you informed and you’ll never loose track on your tasks.

task notifications v1