Import an opportunity’s deliverables into a project

After an opportunity is won, you have two options:

won opportunity

number one red circle

You can create a new project for the deliverables that are generated from the opportunity. To do so, simply click the Create a project button that is located on the opportunity page.

number two red circle

You can select a pre-existing VOGSY project and import the successful opportunity’s deliverables into it. This topic will show you how.

  1. Click Extend a Project. The Select a project window displays.

    select project
  2. (Optional) The window displays, under the Active projects for this customer heading, a list of all active projects that are associated with the customer or organization of the opportunity. If the project that you want to import the opportunity deliverables into is displayed in that list, then click it. The Create a deliverable form will display.

  3. (Optional) If the project is not displayed in the Active projects for this customer list, click Find an Active Project of Another Customer. The Find a project text field will display.

    find a project
    1. Begin typing the name of the project into the Find a project text field. All projects that match the name will display in the window’s Results section.

      finding projects
    2. Find the project that you want and click it. The Create a deliverable form will display.

    expand project deliverable
  4. Click Save. The deliverable will be created and added to the project that you selected.

    project with imported deliverable

The imported deliverable will display an orange bar at the top as well as an orange lightbulb outline that if clicked, will take you to the opportunity.