Planning projects

The planning overview of projects can be accessed via the main menu. It shows a list of all projects that are running within the visible timeframe. Scroll sideways or tap the arrows to move through time.

Projects are represented as blue bars; projects that are still pending and have not been confirmed are shown in light blue. This overview allows you to see gaps in the planning, and find the best moment for starting new projects.

Tapping on the customer will show the deliverables of the project; tapping the deliverable will show activities and allocated resources. For specific information about a project, you can also take a look at the project card by tapping the light blue name of the project.

You cannot edit the planning in this screen: open the project by clicking its icon and edit the planning there.

Planning details can be turned on or off by checking the box top left. The detailed view shows the planned hours in the bars and allows you add columns with extra planning information.

planning projects details v2