Planning projects

The Planning Projects view is part of VOGSY’s suite of planning tools. It displays a list Ghant-style view of all active projects as of the date of viewing. This view allows you to see your gaps in the planning of hours and personnel, and to find the best moment for starting new projects.

Field descriptions

planning projects view
Project hours are represented as blue bars; projects that are still pending and have not been confirmed are shown in light blue.

number one red circle

The calendar view can display by Weeks or by Days. The default view is Weeks.

number two red circle

The projects can be sorted by Start date, Finish date, Customer name. The default sorting order is Start Date.

number three red circle

What you select here determines the meaning of the numbers displayed in the calendar view.

If you select Actuals and planned, the numbers in the calendar view represent hours worked and planned hours; if your select Planned only, the numbers represent planned work hours only.

number four red circle

Displays data starting from the date of viewing. If you are viewing future planning, click this button to return to current planning.

number five red circle

Use this calendar selector to go to a specific day (if the calendar view is set to Days) or to the week that contains the day that you select (if the calendar view is set to Weeks). Click Today to return to the current day or week.

number six red circle

Move the calendar view forward or backward. Click Today to return to the current day or week.

Another way to move forward or backward through the calendar is to click, hold, and drag to the left or right.

number seven red circle

Displays the filter Filter projects form. You can filter by the following properties:

  • All projects (default setting) or My projects

  • Department

  • Status

  • Project manager

number eight red circle

Click the cog to display the Select columns form:

select columns form

Select the additional columns you want to add and click Apply.

planning projects view with extra columns

The planning view

planning projects view with deliverables

You can accomplish several things from the Planning Projects view:

  • Click a project (number one red circle) to display its deliverables (number two red circle).

  • Click a deliverable to show its activities (number three red circle), tasks (number five red circle), and allocated resources (number four red circle).

  • Click the account details Update budget and resource allocation button (number six red circle) to open the Calculation window for editing.

  • Click the shape circle plus Add a task button (number seven red circle) to open the New task form.

You can edit a resource’s (number four red circle) planning hours from this screen by going to the appropriate resource and clicking the cell for the appropriate day. A Planning form will display where you can change the resource’s hours.