The Accounts payable report

This report lists all of your outstanding purchase invoices that you received from suppliers. You can filter this report by year and by fiscal period.

Column descriptions


The name of the company from whom the purchase invoice was received.

Invoice number

The ID number of the purchase invoice.

Book entry number

The ID number for the purchase invoice that is recorded in your Accounts payable ledger.

Invoice date

The date that the purchase invoice was received.

Due date

The date by which the purchase invoice must be paid.

Accounting year

The year that the purchase invoice was received.

Accounting period

The period in which the purchase invoice was received.

Amount invoice in default currency

The amount, in your default currency, requested on the purchase invoice. If your supplier deals in a currency that is different from your default currency, then the amount displayed here will be the converted value of the supplier’s payment request.

Amount due in default currency

The balance, in your default currency, still to be paid on the purchase invoice.

Amount invoice

The total amount owed on the purchase invoice, in the supplier’s currency.

Amount due

The amount still to be paid to the supplier, in the supplier’s currency.


The supplier’s default currency.

Creditor invoice number

The invoice number that is on the incoming purchase invoice from the supplier.


The name of the department in your company that is responsible for paying the supplier’s purchase invoice.

Account manager

The name of the employee in your company who is responsible for paying the supplier’s purchase invoice.


The status of the purchase invoice within the purchase invoice payment process.


The names of the employees in your company who are responsible for approving the payment for the purchase invoice.


Indicates that an automatic payment (direct debit) was made.

  • xref: accounts-payable-app.adoc[]