Add resources to a deliverable

Every deliverable needs at least one person to do the work. In VOGSY every activity that has been added to a deliverable should have an employee assigned to it who is capable of completing the task. You can pick the appropriate employee by filtering based on professional level and/or skill set and skill level.

To add a resource, do the following:

  1. Click briefcase Projects. The Projects view displays.

  2. Scroll to the project that holds the deliverable to which you want to add the budget.

  3. Find the deliverable and click account details Allocate budget & resources. The Calculation form displays.

  4. Find the activity to which you want to assign an employee and click its user button.

  5. Click Add a Resource. The window expands to display new options.

    add resource
    1. If you want to only choose employees from a department, check the Only department checkbox.

    2. If you want to only choose employees who have the targeted activity listed in the employee’s activities list, check the Only activity checkbox.

  6. (Optional) To limit the search to resources with a professional level, select them from the Filter on professional level(s) drop-down list.

  7. (Optional) To limit the search to resources with a particular set of skills, select them from the Filter on skills drop-down list.

    Skills will be listed alone, ie. Java, which means all employees with skill in Java will be listed; and with associated skills levels, ie. Java-Intermediate, which means only employees with an intermediate level of skill in Java will be listed. Employee skills can be set up in the back office.
  8. Click the Pick a resource drop-down list and select the appropriate employee.The employee will be added to the resource window.

    Only employees with available work hours are displayed in the drop-down.
    configure resource v3
    Description Required?

    number one red circle

    Start date. This will be pre-filled with the activity’s start date.


    number two red circle

    End date. This will be pre-filled with the activity’s end date.


    number three red circle

    Number of hours to allocate. Refer to ( number five red circle ) to find out how many hours are available to allocate to the activity. This data will be updated after you click Save.


    number four red circle

    Adjust the employee’s work hours. This will be pre-filled with the work hours from the employee’s back office record.


    number five red circle

    Allocation statistics. This data is based on the activity and on your planning.

    • Sales rate is the amount you charge the customer for the selected activity. This rate is set when you add the activity to the calculation.

    • Allocated is the number of hours that have been set aside to perform the activity for this project.

    • To allocate is the number of allocated hours that still need to be assigned to a resource.


    number six red circle

    Override the default sales rate. If you want to use a sales rate different from the default rate (number five red circle), select this checkbox and add the custom rate.

    If you put a cap on hours, either at the project level or at the deliverable level, you cannot override the sales rate, and this checkbox will be greyed out and unselectable. Alternatively, if you select to override the sales rate, then you will no longer be able to set a cap on hours for the deliverables in this project.


  9. Complete the form and click Save.

When you enter a total number of hours for an activity, VOGSY will automatically spread them over the available hours of these resources. It will skip weekends and personal time off as indicated in My planning. Holidays can be skipped when planning; import a list of holidays via the back office.

If the employee is not on the project team of the project to which they were assigned (by being assigned to the project’s deliverable), VOGSY will add them as a team member.