Tracking leads and opportunities

VOGSY allows you to handle every detail of the lead management phase:

  • Create an opportunity card that stores vital information about the lead and that you can use as the basis for the rest of the project.

  • Automatically generate a quote and email it to the opportunity’s contact person.

  • Send and receive notifications about changes to the status of the opportunity so the team can act quickly.

  • Keep track of all communications between team members concerning the opportunity.

  • Track the health of the opportunity.

  • Store all proposal and project documents in your shared VOGSY folder on Google Drive where all team members can easily access them.

  • Turn your 'won' opportunities into live projects with all the required information already generated.

But the ultimate goal of an opportunity is to convert the prospect into a paying customer, and to do that you must agree with the opportunity’s contact person on what is to be delivered, and for how much. In VOGSY you can generate a quote from an opportunity that you can then send to the customer.